Julie Makerov makes her long awaited debut at Houston Grand Opera

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Ms. Makerov recently joined an all-star cast at Houston Grand Opera in the highly acclaimed Fur del Baus production of Wagner’s Die Walküre under the baton of Patrick Summers. She sang the role of Gerhilde, and covered the Finnish soprano Karita Mattila in the role of Sieglinde. Of her performance as Gerhilde along with the unbelievably talented ensemble of Walküren, Broadway World wrote “In Act III, we were greeted by eight Valkyries for the piéce de résistance: Kelly Kaduce (Helmwige), Julie Makerov (Gerhilde), Natalya Romaniw (Ortlinde), Catherine Martin (Waltraute), Eve Gigliotti (Siegrune), Renée Tatum (Grimgerde), Faith Sherman (Rossweisse) and Meredith Arwady (Schwertleite). Hearing these ladies sing together was an epic moment on the American stage. The blend and vocal precision was crystal clear and reminiscent of a perfectly mastered CD recording. And Houstonia Magazine rave “Her fellow Valkeyries, eight glorious women who first appear on individual cranes (a production element familiar to those who saw Rheingold) that represent their magical steeds, open Act Three with their incredibly, opulent singing. Sopranos Kelly Kaduce as Helmwige, Julie Makerov as Gerhilde and Natalya Ramaniw as Ortlinde, lit up the Wortham Center with the golden strength of their combined voices.”

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